How Much Exercise Does an Indoor Cat Get?: Week Five

So, did the ridiculously elaborate automated Undercover Mouse setup that I built produce measurable results?


2013-01-15 Snickers fitbit week five
Daily breakdowns (7 Jan to 14 Jan)


2013-01-08 to 2013-01-14 (week five) summary
Week summary (8 Jan to 14 Jan)



  • Weekend warrior: Snickers racked up 7,739 “steps” on Saturday, crushing her previous record of 5,477. Interestingly, Jennie and I were asleep or out of the house during most of Saturday, so it is possible that Snickers may play differently when left alone for longer periods.
  • Null hypothesis: Record-setting single day aside, the automated Undercover Mouse setup does not appear to have made a big difference. Snickers’ step totals remain around 30k/week.


  • Fitbit charging was performed from 6:30 to 10 on Tuesday evening (Jan 8). This is a bit longer than usual, as I accidentally left the Fitbit on the charger before we left for a fancy dinner party.  If Snickers’ activity was similar to her hourly average, those 3.5 hours work out to 650 steps; not a significant dent.

What’s Next?

I’ll buy some silly plastic cat toy off of the shelf while I work on the next ridiculously over-engineered cat annoyance. 

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